Pop-Up Dinner/Benefit for Central American Refugees


Nopal steak marinated in 3 chillies.
Nopal steak marinated in 3 chillies.

Rebel Eats, a plant-based food catering and events collective, will be collaborating with chef Nadia Casaperalta and artist/herbalist Beto DeLeon for one of San Antonio’s first ever vegan pop-ups.

Rebel decided to go down to the border on July 4th weekend to volunteer to work with the women and children refugees fleeing terrible violence in Central America.  She was already planning a pop-up and decided to use the event as a way to raise more money to help with the ongoing efforts for the refugees.

The dinner will consist of 4 plant-based courses, consisting of mostly local and organic products.  Some of the ingredients will be foraged from the surrounding San Antonio area.

The pop-up will take place this Friday,  July 18th at 7:30pm.  Space is limited and tickets are $50.  Location is a private residence in South Town near the Blue Star Arts Complex and will only be disclosed to those who purchase a ticket.

To RSVP please contact Rebel at 619-886-2594  rebelmariposa@gmail.com.   Or to purchase a ticket now click: Pop-Up Benefit on Square Market



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