Kick Start to La Botanica

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We got the keys to the building that would become La Botanica in January 2015.  So I was thinking about how in early December of 2014 I really had no idea how my life was about to change.  La Botanica was a dream that I never had.  I didn’t grow up thinking, wishing I would open and manage my own restaurant.  I led a life of many adventures, acquiring skills and experience in the sales and in the art worlds before I even began to start to enjoy to cook.  I have a much more detailed and longer version of this founding story that I hope to write down and share at another time.  Today I would like to take the space to thank all who made and make La Botanica possible.  We launched a crowd funding campaign and with the support of many – we not only reached our goal, we surpassed it.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

From our Kickstarter campaign:

We’re a new spot opening on the vibrantly re-emerging North St Mary’s Strip — join us in cultivating a truly unique space in San Anto dedicated to food that isn’t just delicious and nutritious but also respectful of our planet and its inhabitants.

Given our incredible history and culture here in Tejas, our food will embody the rich traditions of TexMex, Gulf Coast, New Mexican and Mexican cuisine. Our food and drinks will be designed around accessible and seasonal ingredients. But more than an eatery, La Botanica aims to be a gathering place for an eclectic beloved community.

Edible gardens in our sizable wrap-around yard will supply fresh veggies and herbs for our kitchen, serving as an accessible laboratory for those wanting to learn to grow their own food. We also envision film screenings and live music on our lovely patio, regular installations by local artists, cooking and gardening classes, and benefits for to raise funds for movements that advance social justice.

Let’s be real: opening a restaurant is easier for some people than others. My hope is La Botanica thrives as part of a growing wave of women/Latina-owned-&-operated food businesses in our city — and beyond! In order to flourish, La Botanica needs individuals with faith in our mission to step up to the plate, so we can pay for renovations in the kitchen, for our gardens, and to hire a great staff and pay a living wage.

Check out the our past Kickstarter campaign

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