Do I love me?

Drake’s new song  In my feelings is climbing and staying on the music charts. It’s a huge hit.  I recently told a comadre who was asking “why do younger folks love Drake so much?”, because he is the emo artist of their generation.  He is in is feelings and he is not afraid to sing about them or some may say whine about them. Don’t get me wrong when a Drake song comes on at La Botanica I am compelled to dance and enjoy the energy of others who are really feeling the music.

In the song In my feelings he asks “Keke do you love me?” and it got me thinking isn’t this the ultimate  question?  What more do we want as humans than to be loved?  We want to be loved by others and what we want most deeply is to love ourselves.  If Drake really loves himself than would it matter if Keke loved him?  Isn’t that one of life’s biggest lessons?…if you love something you let it go…Love with abandon…You are who you love, not who loves you….

I am known to change lyrics all the time because I am aware of the power of thought. You say/sing something over and over again it becomes a mantra, a prayer.  And for that reason I am selective of the music that I listen to and the lyrics I sing in my head. So sometimes when Drake’s In my feelings comes on or out of no where pops into my head I change the lyrics and I sing to myself “Rebel do love you me?  The song transforms from asking someone else if they love me to self reflection.  Do I love myself?

Do you ask yourself that question? And if and when you do what do you reply?  For me most of the time it is yes, sometimes it is no.  At times I have to shake off the self doubt, stand tall and look with-in and say yes! yes I do love me!


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